Monday, 29 September 2014

So want to make a difference in the world but aren't related to Mother Teresa? It's ...something small that makes a HUGE difference. If you are keen on sewing simple children's clothing contact   You will be provided with a kit of material pre-cut into pattern pieces for easy children's clothing (and often pre-overlocked so there are only a few seams to do). With the wonderful help of Global Volunteer Network the items will be distributed to children in projects around the world. This little act of kindness makes a HUGE difference to their make a difference.
There are a few cotton leggings to be sewn.  These only require the waistband and hems done as they have already been overlocked on the crotch and leg seams.  They also need elastic threaded through the waistband.  These are great as they are comfortable, warm and cool and fit a range of sizes.

Some lovely volunteers have finished making these gorgeous jeans and cord pants.  

Currently there are still some merino and cotton hats for sewing. These only require the headband to be sewn up as they have already been overlocked.  

Current projects available to sew are merino leggings in a range of sizes.  Some of these warm and comfortable leggings are currently being delivered to two orphanages in Nepal named Brighter Future and Shining Star Homes.  The leggings have already been overlocked so they only need the bottom hems and waistband sewn up and elastic threaded through the waistband.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Eliza from Global Volunteer Foundation returned from South Africa in September after handing out skirts and shorts to many children in need from the Kliptown Youth Program. The skirts and shorts proved very successful with modified simpler patterns which made them easy to cut and required very little sewing after a quick whiz on the overlocker. The skirts covered a wide range of sizes as older girls were happy to wear them as mini skirts. You can check out more about the Kliptown Youth Program and the amazing work being done there by following this link. They have also been making a documentary about their gumboot dancers which you can watch the trailer for. Amazing stuff!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The girls from the orphanage in Peru were wrapped (literally) to receive new dresses.

Here is a sample of a cocoon sleep sack to help with any confusions when sewing.  Hopefully this shows where the velcro goes and provides a visual aid to the pattern.

The Peru project is up and running and will be completed by July 2013. The first part is to provide 29 girls in a children's home in Sacred Valley in Peru with warm, merino dresses. The second part is to provide merino trousers and hats for a community centre "Tombola" on the outskirts of Cusco. Each child in the community wins an article of clothing. The third part is to provide merino newborn hats and cotton cocoon sleepsacks for a maternity hospital.  If you would be interested in contributing your time to sew these articles please email