Monday, 18 January 2016

Changes for the new year... Unfortunately Global Volunteer Network has moved their New Zealand office to Bangkok so they can no longer hand deliver items of children's clothing.  However, I have  contacted a wonderful New Zealand charity named Little Sprouts who are in desperate need of baby items.  More information about them is on their website:
Some of the items they require are photographed below and I will add some more items throughout the year. Free kits of precut fabric and instructions can be posted out anytime during the year and all ages are welcome to sew these easy and much needed items.
So if you enjoy sewing and would love to make a difference to people in need, drop me a line at

Merino leggings are perfect for keeping newborn babies warm and comfortable.  These have already had their crotch and leg seams overlocked so only need the bottom leg seams and waistband done and elastic threaded through.  There are stretch sewing.

Change mats are super easy to make.  They just require straight seams to sew up (turn back inside out) and sew up and then two straight lines for the fold lines.  I have used a thin plastic for one side which does move around a wee bit but if it's a problem let me know and I can easily change it to calico cotton.

Using leftover scraps these handy little taggie toys can be made.  They require straight seams to attach the ribbons and sew up so are very easy to do.

The little rabbit toys are still perfect for newborns.  These are a little bit more fiddlier but still relatively easy to make.  They require sewing the ears and a pocket onto the body and then sewing and stuffing it with a bell placed inside.  Care needs to be made that the seams are securely sewn so the bell can't come out as a choking hazard.   Then some simple embrodiery for the nose, eyes and mouth.

Merino hats are really warm for newborn babies.  These have already been overlocked so all that is needed is to stretch sew the headbands and tie the top knot. These are simple to sew if you don't mind stretch sewing.  If you are really fancy you can always use a double needle for a professional look.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

So want to make a difference in the world but aren't related to Mother Teresa? It's ...something small that makes a HUGE difference. If you are keen on sewing simple children's clothing or items contact   You will be provided with a free kit of material pre-cut into pattern pieces for easy children's clothing (and often pre-overlocked so there are only a few seams to do). With the wonderful help of Global Volunteer Network the items will be distributed to children in projects and orphanages around the world. This little act of kindness makes a HUGE difference to their make a difference. Projects run throughout the year.